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girlfriend angst
RoChanCases Movieguy7: girlfriend best friend she feels stuck .. help

Case Closed on
November 28, 2016 19:20
Closed Case
Me vs Mom

RoChanCases Cats13: I ask my mom to help me with one thing because i cant get a job b/c of sports but shes selfish and wont help me b/c "we have no money"

Case Closed on
November 28, 2016 19:20
Pending Case
Should I Just Die?
Argue this Case RoChanCases: Well, too young and afraid to die but, I have a bit of problem with my family & friends, no problems regarding school, studies, sports and etc..

Posted to the Wall on
January 21, 2018 01:57
The Wall

Mom vs. Me
Fuckthisshit THEscrewup: Past issues sworn to be forgotten. Now they are suddenly being remembered.

Time remaining
February 04, 2018 16:05
    Wifey210: I want my husband to take a job that pays less money to be on the same shift as me while both of us going to school.

Time remaining
February 05, 2018 18:56
CaseyDiane1312`s Argument
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Well, first of all me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 5 months (I know that's not long). When we first started dating, he loved my stomach, and just last night he told me I needed to start running to lose weight. And that's just wrong... And the other day, he came over with food just for him. Never even asked me.. Is it just me, or is that very rude?!?!?!?!?!?! He didn't even ask if I wanted some when he was here. Like he wants to quit smoking, change my attitude when people are rude and doesn't like the fact that I want to help others out by volunteer and adopting children.. Who's right?

RoChanCases`s Argument
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As your boyfriend, he should not be selfish enough, he should not just think of himself anymore because he's in a relationship, he should very polite and he should have empathy, he should know what you actually feel about something, not to tolerate you but he really is the wrong one here, talk to him, suit things out, tell him how he was wrong in your case and ask him what he thinks about it, tell him about it to know things that you should.

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Case was closed on November 28, 2016 19:20
Tags: Rudeness
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