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Abuse of Propaganda and Logical Fallacies in recent years.
Argue this Case ZeroFukks: I have been maligned by people toting the latest in logical fallacies and propaganda in recent years.

Posted to the Wall on
December 16, 2017 13:51
The Wall

Cfeely`s Argument
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Tiffany(not her real name) and I used to be really good friends, until the nemesis that we shared started being nice to me, and not Tiffany. Now, Anya(not her real name),who my friend always thought was annoying, has become best friends with Tiffany, even though Tiffany used to complain about Anya and I tried to be nice to her, but Anya never liked me; she was always totally obsessed with Tiffany. Now Tiffany is pretty much ditching me during before and after school and lunch. I asked Tiffany why she's warming up so much to Anya, and Tiffany said, "I just feel closer to her". The problem is that Tiffany and I have been friends for about a year, and Tiffany's only liked Anya for about a month. Now, on Instagram(the social network), Tiffany is excluding me from her bio and just writing, "Anya! Luv ya girl!!!" even when I nicely asked Tiffany to put me in her bio. And she did, for a couple days, until she got mad at me for defending our old nemesis. I honestly don't think that I can have a friend that is this touchy, but when I told Tiffany I was giving her some 'space' and not being as best-friend-like to her, Tiffany acted like I had been her BFF through all of her turbulent personality changes. Also, on Instagram, Tiffany posts pictures of her and Anya and writes, "Me and my biffle Anya!" But she spelled 'BFFL' wrong. As shallow and desperate as this sounds, I'm trying to make her 'jealous' by making a fake friend on Instagram, but she doesn't seem to notice. Since Tiffany sort of forgot about me ever since Anya, I'm trying to make her remember me and make her want to be my friend again. And if I try to hang out with Tiffany and Anya, I'll probably end up just like how Anya used to be to Tiffany: the annoying girl. And today on Google Docs,I saw that one of my important docs was Unshared with her, which means she can't access it from her account. I asked her about it, and she said that she Unshared it with herself because she didn't want it anymore.

ZeroFukks`s Argument

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My personal opinion is that based upon the facts there is some kind of jealousy going on. This is normal. Women can be territorial over guys they like just like men at some fundamental level.

I would say, Anya won, Tiffany lost. Unless you want to renew your relationship with Tiffany. you may need to clear the air and state your intentions. If you really like Tiffany more you need to tell her. It sounds like women competing for your attention/affection. You did not make a choice so they chose (or fought) already over you.

How this ends up is determined by talking to whoever you favor. If you prefer one or the other. Until you can build sufficent trust, I would avoid bringing up the other girl's name.

If you like one of the girls. Find something unique you like that is special about them. Do not use a generic I like you. That wont make her feel special

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Case was closed on November 28, 2016 19:20
Tags: Confused, Mean, Ditching
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