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Silly Memories, and now I'm calling her a liar?
Argue this Case Larlarlarz: My friend claims something when we were little, and I don't remember it at all. When I tell her that she says I'm calling her a liar?? Now she's mad

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October 23, 2017 23:15
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Choosing a Stall
Larlarlarz MudBugs: When possible one should always avoid sitting in a stall next to an already occupied stall.

Case Closed on
November 28, 2016 19:20
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The ex
BoatGuy BoatGuy: She doesn't want me to have contact with my ex. She feels iits disrespectful.

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October 29, 2017 04:36
Larlarlarz`s Argument
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Well, personally I'm for equal rights for everyone. Religions, races, and sexuality. But this is about sexuality. The biggest thing against it is the bible saying its wrong. That its a sin. I'm not even religious, but I know god said all sins are equal. Want to know what else are sins? Cutting your hair and wearing mixed fabrics. So you wearing that 60/40 shirt right now is the same as someone being gay. You still think its ok to wear that shirt, right? Still ok to cut your hair? So why is it not ok for Gays to be gays? Again, I'm not religious so this may not be completely correct but I believe the New Testament started when Jesus rose from the cross? I'm scruffy on that, but what I do know is that somewhere he said to forget the rules of the Old Testament. And I'm pretty sure it stated homosexuality was a sin there, not the New Testament. I may be wrong but I'm sure about the fabric and hair thing. The second most heard argument is the "it's a choice" thing? Remember the stupid player in high school you were head over heels for? I sure don't think you CHOSE to fall for the jerk, I mean its happened to all of us. It's the same thing but with the same sex. Another thing I'd like to say is that it's the 21st century people, it's gonna be legalized within the next 20 years, why not just do it now and accept others and save time?

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Time started: 1667 days 21 hours 24 min.
Tags: Gay, rights, marriage, lesbian, bisexual
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