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Berrib12`s Argument
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There was no lighting and no railing with a small ledge where a full step should be and a screen door that opened over three steps.She doesn't own the home but,is renting the apt.We were headed out to the store and with no lighting or rail I couldn't get my footing.I fell smacking the back of my head off the concrete step,flipped over smacking the front of my head and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.I broke 2 of my ankle bones,had a concussion,cuts,scrapes,bruises and 2 black eyes.I had never been in a situation like that in my entire life.Even the paramedic said she should have a railing.I was in so much pain and disoriented,I said nothing but,glanced at my friend and she said "do what you have to do".When I arrived home after 16 hrs in the ER with no insurance coverage my daughter called her Grandmother to tell her what happened.She happens to work for an injury lawyer and told me the landlord in at fault.So,with that a case was opened.My friend didn't tell her landlord what happened and on the 12th day she got a letter from my lawyer.I got a text from my friend basically telling me if she needs to testify she won't and good luck with everything.So,not only was I homebound for four months missing out on every holiday,she is mad at me.I think she expected me to roll over and take it because I'm a kind person that doesn't like chaos or drama .There was no attack here,it wasn't an issue when her and her daughter lived with me but,when I needed her,she bailed.I was very hurt and now I am very angry and to this day,hasn't bothered to even ask me if I'm ok.What do you think?

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