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Aeronaut12`s Argument
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So, it's my last week of school and I've been studying really late because I have exams. My father has a video he has to prepare for his work and he tells me I have to help him. I ask my father (keep in mind I'm very loose with him and vice-versa. he doesn't mind if I question his actions). He asked me the day before this was posted to clean the litter boxes very late around 11:30. I say I'll do it tomorrow, and that I need to get some sleep. So as I get home from school today, I start to help him on his video, but I ask him why he needs my help and why he didn't just look it up himself. Also, defending myself, saying that's how I learned video editing. He then says he was lying to me and that he knows how to do it, he just wants a way to spend time with me (I already know this is a bad idea, because I am very tired and I am very opinionated with video editing), but I feel that this was just an attempt to make me feel bad. So, I continue to help him with his video anyways. Then he says he needs to go to the bathroom and comes back 30 minutes and then asks me why the cat boxes aren't done. I say that he was in there, and that this is all I've been doing since I got home. He doesn't care, but also doesn't give any supporting evidence. We continue anyways. He then starts looking at me funny and then asks me whats wrong. I say that I've been tired for the last 3 days. This is what breaks him. He yells in outrage and says I'm lazy and I just use him and take advantage for everything he does for me and tells me to leave or else he'll break every appliance I own. So, to not escalate things any further, I go to my room and hop on this site.

Am I at fault? I just want to know why I'm getting yelled at for being human.

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Time started: 1719 days 22 hours 37 min.
Tags: father, son, family, stress, school, exams, tension
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