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Justanotherae`s Argument
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Okay, so I have been friends with these girls since the beginning of the school year, which ended in May. Ever since then, they haven't been including me in anything. i talked to them about it, and they say that I always try to tag along. That I always bug them about hanging out. Now let me just say, I haven't even asked all of them to hang out. Only a few people were involved in this issue. Anyways, I looked through my text messages, and I only saw one time when I had "invited myself" in to something that I shouldn't have. And they're saying it's all the time. There was also another time, but those two were it. With them saying that it's all the time, I don't really know what to do. I don't know what I did or said. I wish that I could say sorry and fix it, but they're too upset at me to even talk.

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Time started: 1721 days 50 min.
Tags: help, friends, rude, upset
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