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Gulinlangbroek`s Argument
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My friend asked if she could buy some chocolate with my money, and I said no because I didn't want to change my 20 dollars. She then took my wallet out of my purse when I was gone and saw the paper bill and called me stingy (She still does, but we're still friends) I don't think it was right for her to look in my wallet. It was my decision whether I gave her money or not. Now she always picks on me when it comes to financial issues. Today she collected money from my group of friends to buy things for a party and took extra from me and said "I owed her a lot". I am so annoyed with her never mind the fact that she has been my best friend for years and I still have to spend one year with her at school. This is not the only subject where she picks on me so much. It is driving me crazy.

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Views: 1040 Category Friendship
Time started: 1709 days 7 hours 50 min.
Tags: money, finance, pick on, annoying
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