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Me vs Mom

RoChanCases RoChanCases: Well, you've got to be Independent Sooner or Later..

Case Closed on
November 28, 2016 19:20
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February 19, 2018 11:00
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Boyfriend problems
RoChanCases CaseyDiane1312: My boyfriend has been really rude and disrespectful lately but he doesn't think so...

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November 28, 2016 19:20
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Movieguy7`s Argument
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basically it started with a simple "break" her words not mine shes says we need time just to be different not breaking up just a break from the routine.. i took it hard it had been a year and a half of sheer love for the girl and i felt hurt. i've always known her logins and shes always known mine and its never been a big deal so i thought maybe there might be some insight there i go to login and it responds "*bring* this password has been changed a day ago"this raised a red flag as we talked about her password with a mutual friend (his name is ham) i ask her about it and after three long days it comes out that ham said he loves her and she responds she could have feeling for him.. at this i am crippled (for your too much information) i lost my virginity to her and she to i. now this killed me and i cried pretty much 24 hours a day for a week this is important to mention because i am by no means a macho guy but i usually wont cry. next is the important business that only days earlier a friend called me saying she was in love with me and missed me and wished she could've been with me to which i responded i have a girlfriend fuck off mate. i told her flat out she messed up our trust and that i will never trust him and her together again. but she says now that me asking for her to stop talking to him is unfair and wrong. keep in mind we are not on break any longer and (as far as i know they are just friends) but i am still so angry at them both.. am i wrong here? help

RoChanCases`s Argument
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Well, stop it, don't push yourself to people, If she made you an option, then leave her like a choice, if she doesn't want to, then don't. Yes, she was also wrong but you can't just dictate things up, feelings change, and hey, it doesn't mean that if you lost your virginity to eachother, you've got to stick forever, it was a choice that maybe one day you'd regret giving to eachother, both of you weren't married yet and you're too young for those stuffs. Find things that you can do to vent out your anger, do things that has sense rather than running off to her, remember, prove her wrong, she's not a loss.

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Case was closed on November 28, 2016 19:20
Tags: relationship, stuck, best friend, angry, trust
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Stormy   999 days 16 hours 5 min. ago
I believe that the best friend is totally out of place and dead wrong! The girlfriend has fault as well because she wanted to keep it a secret by changing the password. You shouldn't have to constantly question whether they're going to hook up on the low or not. You'll drive yourself insane and for what? ?? Talk it over & clear that air If it isn't done already because she is free to do what she want to do at the end of the day.. You're free to express your frustration "calmly" to them.. they should understand because if it weren't for them lusting for each other. .ya wouldn't have this problem. ..

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