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Adleremase`s Argument
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My bandmate wrote a few songs. Said she didn't want to be the only person writing songs. Had an idea for one about social media, and I said I wanted to help. She was all excited, then wrote the whole thing without me in the next couple of days. Try to talk to her about things, and she'll walk away (not even angrily, just uninterestedly). Last few times we had practice, she said "Let's just be a punk band!", then tonight when I was saying "So if we're being a punk band, that may influence our name", she changed her tune, saying, "Well I don't want to label us. If YOU want to label us, go right ahead," putting HER words in MY mouth. I've had enough. I want to quit. I wanted to help with this whole band thing, but I'm feeling like anything I accomplish is not what she wants. So should I just start my own band and say fuck this?

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Time started: 1638 days 18 hours 29 min.
Tags: band music friends drama stupid friend
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