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Shoopdawoop`s Argument
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I've been dating this person on and off for the last few months. The first time we ended it, he decided he "just wasn't feeling it" and we should just remain friends. A few weeks later, he pulls me aside at a party and tells me he loves me and how sorry he was. Like an idiot, I fell for it and we dated again. The second time he broke it off, he said it was because I was "acting shady" i.e. hiding text conversations by speed-texting and then quickly hiding my phone. However, when I offered to show him the conversations on my phone AND facebook, he refused to look and prove himself wrong. Not only has all this been going on, but he's apparently been telling other people I definitely DID cheat on him, in spite of the fact that he's now dating a woman who's a man...deployed in the navy. Can anyone explain to me why he doesn't have a speck of remorse for this? Because I feel like I'm missing something.

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Time started: 1557 days 21 hours 45 min.
Tags: What the fuck, mistrust, derp, GAH
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