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Ifyouseemaddy`s Argument
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There was a guy that I had recently started talking to but I wanted to take it slow so I was trying to be his best friend before I even mentioned dating but all my friends knew how I felt about him and they were starting to think he felt the same way to. Then this girl, we shall call her Liza, Liza who claimed that I was her best friend spilled everything to him and also filled his ears with nonsense lies about me which kind of caused the boy to back off. I confronted Liza telling her how I felt about what she was doing and she repeated over and over that she barely talks to him and that they are just friends and she knows I like him and she would never go for him cause he's older then her. Then finally one day i received a text asking if Liza and my crush were dating, I knew nothing of this so I looked into it through social media. And the signs were obvious that Liza was dating someone. And at work the next day Liza came in crying and not understanding why I wasn't texting her back. She repeated once again that she and the guy were just friends nothing more. I just told her to stop crying and I asked her one question, who was she dating. Her reply was "I didn't want to tell you because I knew how much you liked him and I didn't want you to be mad at me" and I just told her again to stop crying because we were at work and I said if she wanted to talk we could talk after work. She agreed and I went through my day without being a bitch to her like I wanted but when it came to closing time she was gone. So I vented via twitter without using news or anything. She decided to bitch about me on twitter, to all my friends, to my boss, and to me. I didn't bitch her back, I just told her to leave me alone and that we weren't friends. She still weeks later is bitching about me and shit talking me and claiming she has done nothing and I started everything. It goes deeper then that but I ran out of characters. Who is wrong?

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Time started: 1477 days 15 hours 2 min.
Tags: Friendship, Bitch, Relationship, Drama, work, boyfriend stealer
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