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Tallkid21 IHateTheWorld: My boyfriend acts like a 4 year old. Simply childish, and blames everyone. The real life hypocrite. And gets overly sensitive to EVERYTHING....

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November 28, 2016 19:20
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I live with 2 guys and my boyfriend. They are both my age and my bf is 11 months older. (19,18,18,18) He is the oldest in the house and is the least mature.. he has not once cleaned by himself and only when ALL of are.. our rooms ALWAYS a mess, I went to shower with him before I showered while he was in there I said to my roommates as a joke that he makes a huge mess and its never clean. As I was leaving the shower I came out to a crazy mess bigger than before. I just looked at my roommates and they knew. Its the same as always. I feel more like a maid. We smoke marijuana, and I buy him his cigs too (He smokes those too but I HATE them) I buy him food, everything. Hes been on welfare for 3 years of us dating, I thought by now something would change with all his talk of getting a job and having a future. But its 3 years later, a miscarriage, an abortion, being homeless, jail time, and constant cheating... I cant take it, I love him and I see so much in him and I want him to reach his potential but he'll never get there if he keeps this up.. He thinks the world is a horrid places wants to die regularly and REFUSES or legitimately can not understand positive thinking. Ive tried everything, I dont condone to almost anything he does but I push. He has never had a job hasnt finished highschool not working never done anything.. hes incredible talented at 3D animation and computer work, and he always told me he wanted to do that but as the years have gone on Ive gone from cherished girlfriend to less than a piece of shit.. we are on and off so often he actually has to ask sometimes if we are together, he constantly asks if Im going to move out and if Im leaving him he accusses me of doing the most horrid of things (whoring myself out, injecting, cutting, ect. things I would never do- though I did use to cut from depression) Now I cant cut I cant talk to anyone I have nothing everything I do is wrong.. I dont know what to do.. he tells me to die.. and he loves me

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