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Little Brother Frustrations
Swooshhit Swooshhit: so i get that u're have been a good sister so long and basically are going through a lot with your brother as he is a annoying piece of shit

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November 28, 2016 19:20
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Little Brother Frustrations
Argue this Case Psychibb: Little brother is making my life miserable. Parents will not step in. I think I should punch him in the face- one shot, never bothered again.

Posted to the Wall on
April 26, 2014 02:29
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I can't do this! I'm going s*** little brother whose 15 is the only thing in my life that makes me genuinely unhappy- he makes my mom and dad cry (I've never seen my dad cry before him), he f***s up any peaceful times that I've ever had, he demeans any sort of accomplishment I've ever received, and he causes so much strife in family life. He's an idiot. He refuses to learn. He is a monster, and will not behave himself. my mom does nothing about it- she passes it off as "boys will be boys". Boys will be responsible like every-f***ing-body else! I have two jobs (as a swim instructor and piano teacher), am earning scholarships for top ivy league colleges, and am working hard in school and try to be a good big sister. My sister loves me. But my brother refuses to behave in public (fighting with siblings, saying racist garbage, physically "battling" siblings inappropriately, etc), never gets punished, and just hit me across the ear as I was yelling at him for calling me a "piece of crap that should go kill itself". he always knows how to wind up someone and only does it for a reaction, but it's horrible and I genuinely want to hurt him at this point- I would be more than happy to punch him in the face, but nothing more drastic than that). But I don't know what to do. He sucks the happiness out of my life. I'm homeschooled, so I have to deal with his dead fish eyes every DAY.
My MOM does nothing. I try to ignore him, I pray and try so hard. But he will not give up. I've reached my limit, thank you for letting me vent. But I'm at a standpoint. Please decide- really force my parents to get involved, which would only set them against me, or deal with it myself? My life is being made miserable with him around- I still have a year and a half of it!!!

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