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Nolee`s Argument
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Hello all, I am of South asian descent. I lost my mother when i was 2. I was raised by father's mother. My father remarried when I was 4 and moved out and had little contact. No financial help. I lived with my uncle and my grandma.

During 2010 he asked me to move in with him and his wife. He used work during nights and sleep during the day. I was 14 at the time. His wife would be extremely cruel. I wasn't allowed certain foods, or allowed to go out. no phone and no internet. Sometimes hurt, threaten you know the usual cinderella stuff. lived there for a year and then decided to go back home to my grandma. My father disowned me, but that was cool. He has now left the UK and settled in his own country

Now after 4 years, still not spoken to me or his family (his mum, brothers) he has sent a messenger to say he expects me to get married (forcibly) and if do not agree, I will be shipped to my home country.

Scared a little, but family members are trying to persuade me that he is my father and he is allowed to make decisions? How is that possible when he has had no input in my childhood? And especially how he hasn't picked up the phone in 4 years.

There is planned family "vacation" to my home country this summer. hmm..

What do you guys think?

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