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Tallkid21 Tallkid21: he's done

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November 28, 2016 19:20
The Wall

The ex
BoatGuy BoatGuy: She doesn't want me to have contact with my ex. She feels iits disrespectful.

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October 29, 2017 04:36
Tallkid21`s Argument
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Ok so theres a guy. We did originally get together as a hookup. but while we were hanging it was more than that. we definitely had a quite a few things in common. which is very nice since i seem to one of those ppl who's very off of the mainstream and doesn't find to many things in common with most ppl. but anyway on top of the sex theres txting and telling each goodnight and morning and things i dnt normally do with hookups and he's very like-ably sarcastic. so after a few times together i ask him if he wants to go to the movies or dinner to just chill before we do anything that night but his response was strictly about sex so i said ok and we did it yet again. i guess the main problem i have with this guy is that he definitely brought up the fact that we were flirting with each other quite a few times and he called me a tease and then he says jokingly well i guess its for the best since someone just asked me to go steady....didnt really know how to react to that so i say some bullshit about go see spiderman with him and tell me how it is. and then he asks me if thats what i really wanted to say and im like well now that you have a somebody theres not much we can do and he agrees but he says i can still use some friends. but i took the agreeing that we couldnt go to the movies on top of the other time that i asked about the movie and dinner as him not wanting to be out in public with me for even normal friend shit so all i could see it as is lets fuck when my bf isn't giving it to me and im definitely not into that so i send him a txt saying i dnt know what we would do . he sends one back with a question mark. and im thinking of a response. a few many later he sends me one saying "no i ttly get it loud and clear" which for some reason that gets under my skin and i delete him out of my phone. i think im right about him only wanting me as a side bitch but i guess im kind of mad at myself for not hearing it from him and just assuming. was i right for this or ....???

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Time started: 1262 days 23 hours 11 min.
Tags: sex, fb, friends
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