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Emetopony`s Argument
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my best friend lately has been conflicted cause i always complain that he's constantly with his girlfriend. i told him i don't mind them hanging out, but the fact that she's always the main choice bothers me because i feel neglected and upset that he's treating her as an equal to me, when he's barely known her. i have no other friends and he knows that. she has other friends and doesn't allow me near him when she's there, which is almost 24/7. i tell him this and he says he is stuck not knowing what to do, and he says "idk what to do" when i tell him i want to smooth this over. the thing is when he does this, he goes straight back to her. he thinks first hand about her. not me. it's bullshit cause i've been there for him in everything and suddenly some bitch he has goo goo eyes over comes into the picture and now he's acting like a dog humping her leg pitifully. i don't want to move on or lose my closest friend, but i don't want to constantly have to deal with this.

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Views: 765 Category Friendship
Time started: 1370 days 23 hours 46 min.
Tags: neglection, dating, confliction
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