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Breadlover`s Argument
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I gave my home up to move in with my fella, been here 12months so it's my home too (council flat). Had nothing but hatred from 2 of his kids, 29yr old girl and 24yr old lad. We met 5 years ago, yes I messed him about hence why they sed I'm a slag a prostitute, tramp, scum to name a few. His son went living with his girlfriend cos he hated being here with me. They split on mon, I was working my fella wasn't that day. I went home he didn't mention his son so I didn't. He didn't talk he was moody so I had to make tea to stop a fallout. He took the dog out, he's usually 10-15 mins at most, half hour later he comes in with his son behind him, I said what's going on and he said with a smirk well he's nowhere else to stay. It's a 2 bed roomed flat with myself my fella my daughter (17) and his Rottweiler. His sister has a 3 bed roomed house for her and her fella??
My argument is all I knew was that they'd split up, no mention of him coming to the flat to live indefinitely. They even stood in the kitchen all nite cos I was sat In living room. So I said for gods sake I'll go in bedroom so you can go in living room and that's what they did. His son went saying he wasn't welcome as I'd made it clear. " Excuse me but it's my home too " it's not just your dad's flat. I'd like a bit of respect off him in my own home, he Wudnt come in a room if I was in it.
I've told my fella it's all his own doing because he should have at least consulted me about it. He's now making my life hell not talking and staying in bedroom. I should have at least been told in advance, after everything his sons said about me I'm ("expected to bend over backwards") for him and be all nice I'm sorry but I can't forgive him for what he's said. If he had come in and just said hiya it would have made things a little better but for me not to be told and then (" disrespected") in my own home I'm sorry but no

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Time started: 1365 days 3 hours 7 min.
Tags: "Expected to bend over backwards" "disrespected"
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