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JustAGuy85`s Argument
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I work 5 days a week, 12-14 hours a day and support my fiance who works 5 days a week, 4-6 hour days as a waiter while he pursues his dream of becoming an artist. He does earn money but often this is not enough to pay anything more than his a few of his own bills. I pay our rent, student loans, car payments, other bills, and pretty much everything else.
I am a stickler for shutting lights off when not in the room and trying to save money where possible. He goes on spending sprees and buys expensive clothing, accessories, makeup. etc- I haven't had new clothes in about a year. He also turns on every light in the house, every tv, appliance, everything, and then will leave. He turns the a/c down when home to below 70, but when I'm home I try to keep it at 78. Once a week I clean the entire house from top to bottom. He does do laundry and cooks dinner, I do the dishes afterward.
My issue is that literally he will mess up the house hours after I clean it. He leaves clothes everywhere, makes a mess in the kitchen, spills things, gets hair products everywhere, etc etc. On his days off or shorter days I ask him to please pick up and tidy the house. He says he shouldn't have to clean every day and that I need to get used to him being messy because he "just isn't as clean" as I am. Even after he cleans I often have to go back over it because he will leave crumbs, dirt, etc. My thinking is that since I work the most and am supporting us, he should keep up with the house more and try to conserve money. He says we are both equal and he can do whatever he wants because he earns money too. I often go without things I want/need just so he can have things and when I ask him not to spend money on something, he will go and do it anyway. Who is right here?

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Tigs88   352 days 3 hours 34 min. ago
I was in a relationship exactly the same as yours. I walked away because it was affecting my my mental health because I was so stressed out.

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