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Mom vs. Me
Fuckthisshit THEscrewup: Past issues sworn to be forgotten. Now they are suddenly being remembered.

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February 04, 2018 16:05
Miaincolorado`s Argument
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We (my husband, our 1 year old and myself) moved here from a different state. We were going through a bit of hard times and figured that going to live with my father and his family would be a good idea. I've never known my father. Only spoke and seen him a few times prior but we thought it would be a great opportunity to get to know him and his family as well as the rest of my extended family. We also thought that this would be great for our baby too who is his first grandchild. BTW I'm his first child from his first marriage. He does have 2 kids with his current wife and has adopted her child from her previous relationship as well so that makes 3 for him.
When we got here things were fine. Nothing out of the ordinary until his wife began making very rude comments towards me such as explaining to me how to make friends (I'm 23 YO with a 1 YO and have been living in a completely new state for a month in a house that isn't mine, My priorities are on other things aside from friends). I feel pressured to cook even though my husband is completely fine with the frequency of my cooking (I did used to cook almost everyday when we had our own place but he is fine with that). My father's wife told me a few days ago not to put certain dishes in the dishwasher and when I told her that my father said it was ok she began raising her voice and saying that that is her kitchen and that my father has no say in the matter. She has told me (in front of my husband) that I need to learn to cook or he will "find another fish in the sea". She's told me that I don't know how to handle my child when she cries. I refer to my father as "My father" when talking to others mostly because I'm not comfortable with calling him Dad yet. He didn't raise me so it's difficult for me. She has told me that that's weird and disrespectful. And finally this morning she approached me and told me that she will not tolerate me or my husband disrespecting her. We have never said anything disrespectful to her!

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