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Growingcold`s Argument
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Ive been in a relationship 5yrs and cant ever get alone time unless we leave home for a couple of hrs. She has a 27 yr old daughter w/ 3 kids. O and i have a teenager of my own.Now I've expressed how I feel about our relationship with not ever getting alone time, how we have to do almost everything for her daughters kids and so fourth. Well she gets mad and just started saying all kinds of mean things you know. So my question is am I wrong for expressing that?

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Time started: 1232 days 2 hours 34 min.
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DecideThis4Me   164 days 3 hours 5 min. ago
I'd say you are not wrong for expressing it. I am pretty much in the same boat as you, my wife has 3 kids who all live with us and getting ANY alone time is a nightmare. It is a strain on the relationship and I have told her numerous times how I feel about it. Sometimes she goes on with herself about how it is just the way it is and other times she actually agrees but expressing your feelings to a significant other in a relationship is not something you should have to question. Good luck to you.

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