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Inconsiderate Boyfriend.

Briarrose Briarrose: Run away from him like someone with the plague.

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November 28, 2016 19:20
The Wall

Briarrose`s Argument
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I've known my best friend for almost 7 years. We live in different states, met online, but we've met in person twice (she stayed for one week the first time, two weeks the second) and we get along amazingly well. There was a few months about two-three years ago where we stopped talking but it was due to school and trips and such. Fast forward to now and I'm in school, she's in school and has a job. We're both busy about the same amount of time, yet everytime we talk, she either eventually logs off without any warning at all, or ignores me for an hour and then replies. I get that she's busy with homework and stuff, and I am too, but recently, whenever I mention ideas for us to do when we met again (which should be soon) she gets all pissy and goes on about how "that won't work, I don't like that" but gives absolutely no suggestions herself, and when I confronted her about it, she responded with "sorry, I've just been so stressed lately, I can't think" but I've been stressed too? And I tell her these things and then she starts bitching that I don't know anything and that I'm undermining her and really don't care about her and that I don't understand and then won't talk to me for days. I'm at a complete lost on what I need to do or say and how to even approach this to her without her blowing up in my face!

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Time started: 1231 days 13 hours 31 min.
Tags: bitchy friend, arguments, at a loss, ignoring
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