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KhloKhlo`s Argument
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I'm so sick and tired of people asking me what came first or why did the chicken freaking cross the road. Why don't you ask the chicken why he or she crossed the road! Okay my first two sentences were quite irrelevant to this topic. I'm sorry for that.

So here I am telling my friends that the chicken came first, and all of the sudden they were arguing to me that the egg came first. I was like fudge?! The chicken came first. They had a long explanation about why the egg came first and it even involved Regina George. Then they went all the way about painting their Easter eggs pink. The fudge is wrong?! Then I formulate my formula on why the chicken came out first, they laughed. They freaking laughed at me, and I was downright angry like, they hurt my feelings. So, yeah. That sums up the story! so what do you think came first?

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Time started: 1220 days 15 hours 26 min.
Tags: Chicken Egg First Regina George Pink Easter Egg
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