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SickLeave`s Argument
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'Normal'... the real standards of the community. Not only others but also parents, which makes it hard. I am quite of a simple and mysterious but intelligent person, which I am justly proud of. They expect me to like Taylor Swift and One direction and shit, I listen to harsh metal music. (I like all sorts of music; I even love Orchestral and can arrange one.) They want me to go part and be tipsy and shit, I prefer to drink alone or with a couple of few friends while drawing or reading. And about adults, they are nuisance. They think they are always certain or they are always right because they are older than you and they will say ‘I know these things’. No you don’t. Don’t you start that ‘I know these things’ cause what you experienced may have some similarity to mine but we have different degrees, you insensitive bastard. And whenever there is a problem they will blame the kid and will say “The kid has a problem, take him to the guidance.”… I AM PERFECTLY FINE. I JUST NEED TO GET AWAY FROM YOU. Don’t get me wrong, I am trying so hard that I am already throwing myself away just to be in favor of them just to fit in…I don’t even like it. I want to be independent but my parents are worse than a suckerfish. They raised me, yes, but there is more venom than unconditional love. They have conditions. This isn’t a family. I want to get away and I am aware of my consequence if I do it all by myself. But it is just that I concluded I am better off without them. If they think I am a disgrace and they are my source of shame. It is better off that way. Me and my folks and most people here don’t get along. And I want to start a peaceful life with my lover. And yes I am gay. He is the only thing that keeps me sane. But my only ticket is through them because I don’t have money or they allow me to do part time job. So I have no choice and I am doing this for my lover. And if they found out, they will take what is most dear to me like always and blame me and will always say I am a disgrace. Like all my life people do this. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT TO TAKE FROM

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Time started: 1157 days 1 hour 4 min.
Tags: philosophy, hurt, normal, different, gay, choking, trying to fit in
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