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Pissedoff2015`s Argument
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Okay I work 10-12 hours a night, from 4pm tl 2:30-4am. He works 2pm til 10pm. So hes home WAY before me. I come home between 2:30-4pm and our apartment is TRASHED. There are pop cans everywhere, plates everywhere... But can he pick up after himself? Nope! So I stay up til 6-7am cleaning and picking up. Idk why, hes just going to mess it up tomorrow. And in the last few weeks, I have bought him a laptop, new shoes, gas in his car, video games.... everything. And what do I get? NOTHING not I love you babe, thanks, NOTHING. Im so fucking over this shit, Im about to tell him to get the hell out. I buy stuff specifically for me, and he eats/drinks them, He shaves his head and beard in the bathroom 3 fucking days ago and its still covering my counter.... I need help before I flip out and leave him. Its only been a year but I cant take this anymore. I could of spent all that money on a car or bills...

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DecideThis4Me   197 days 8 hours 19 min. ago
Sounds very one sided to me. I'm not about to tell someone to split up with someone because it's not my business to do so, but maybe sit down with this person and explain how you feel whilst (hopefully) managing to not lose your cool.

If he loves you he will listen to what you have to say and actually put something back into the relationship from fear of losing the person he loves.

Just my two pence worth. Good luck.

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