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IzyLee`s Argument
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I've had a pasion for horses since i can remember.When i was just a kid in school a friday night affair would be to celebrate one of the 40 girls birthday's i shared class with,i was always invited but would never attend,since every afternoon after 5pm i would wait for my mom to pick me up with a snack and pineapple/grape juice pack to take me to see my beautiful but very naughty dappled grey pony.Oh did he buck!he definitely showed me to grab on for dear life!I showed in Nationals at only 10 and came in top 20.Not bad at all for a chubby little girl and very cheeky pony.I grew out of the little guy and leaped on to a huge stunning white as the snow good as gold 8 year old gelding Phoenix.Although he was big,i never felt small beside or on him,but TODAY i feel very very small,growing up and to this day i have never been "good" with people,i'm more of a listener than a talker and think of my problems as to much for others to handle(when realisticly they are not)I find myself to be separating from society to become closer to these animals whom i can easily bond and feel at ease with,i feel assured i can trust to find only the truth, emotionally and physically.I have trust issues BIG ones,the worst one is the trust in myself. About 3 years ago i bought a 5 year old mare,a stocky french chestnut beauty,bred for showjumping out of the Club i have trained all my life.When i first started her training she was a basket case,she would make heads turn for the wrong reasons,time went by and i showed her in her age group and this time the heads were turning in ashtonishment!i was so proud of myself,my favourite rider actually grabbed me and told me i had a natural gift.. who woulda thunk it.A trainer came along,i put my small amount of trust in this woman who told me she would take me far,i did things i never thought to be right and its proven to have been a horrible experience for me and my mare, we were much better on our own,and feel stupid for not believing in myself ...

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