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Iamnotfriendly`s Argument
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After our workout at the gym once at home we were talking about something and he brought somehow to the topic my pictures when I used to model lingerie and bikinis and then he told me OUT LOUD "I would have to come inside everyday if you would be still hot like in those pictures"

I flipped immediately and said WHAT? and then he said.."uhmm nothing" I HEARD THAT so don't tell me that nothing (I replied to him) he tried to explain that wasn't really what he wanted to mean. Of course I did not buy that.

I was pissed and to top it off he added well you know after Logan (our 20 month old son) you gained weight and you are not as skinny as in your modeling pictures...he said.

I am 32 years old my weight is 122 pounds and I am 5'5'' of course my body is not perfect like it used to be before my son but he makes me feel with his comment like if I AM A COW my belly got flat flat after my son was just 7 months old and i work out at the gym 3 times a week and even do extra at home sometimes!

Bottom line how he dares to said that to me he is 6'1'' and he has a belly poking from his t-shirs AND I AM THE ONE WHO HAD THE BABY NOT HIM!!

I told him you really have balls to even tell me that shitty comment have you look at yourself?? oh am sure you are the perfect 10 right?

Since I was at the moment so angry i just let my boiling anger talk out loud and vented on him saying "Do you have any idea how many guys flirt or are attracted to me and they are way better looking than you!??"

I know I should have not say that (i was angry) but he SHOULDN'T HAVE NEVER SAID THAT $h1tty COMMENT TO ME EITHER.

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Time started: 1081 days 18 hours 29 min.
Tags: mad at husband
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