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AlwaysABridesmaid`s Argument
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A little over a year ago, my boyfriend/fiance/whatever asked me to marry him. I wouldn't consider it a proposal since it just casually came up in one of our late night conversations, but he definitely asked and I definitely said yes.
Shortly after, i was pregnant (yes, with his child).
We moved in together a few months later. We kept our finances separate, and our relationship uncomplicated. Everything was good. It got tense as the pregnancy progressed, but we both chalked it up to hormones. The day our daughter was born, everything was perfect. It lasted for a while, but i miss it now.
his two closest friends are getting married in the next couple of months and he shuts down the conversation as soon as i bring up our engagement.
He is always upset with me, tells me I'm doing everything wrong (including being a mother), and never wants to talk about anything substantial. He doesn't ever apologize after a disagreement, he disregards my questions AND emotions, and won't even tell me about his day. He is nothing like the man I fell in love with years ago.

This relationship feels like a dead end, but I won't give up on it for the sake of my daughter.

What am I doing wrong? I know fatherhood changes men but I hardly recognize him anymore. Do I keep trying or just give him space until he realizes it himself?

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