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Me vs Mom

RoChanCases RoChanCases: Well, you've got to be Independent Sooner or Later..

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November 28, 2016 19:20
Closed Case
Boyfriend problems
RoChanCases RoChanCases: Well, Your Boyfriend is the Wrong One there.

Case Closed on
November 28, 2016 19:20
Closed Case
girlfriend angst
RoChanCases RoChanCases: Yeah. You're wrong, you're too pushy.

Case Closed on
November 28, 2016 19:20
The Wall

RoChanCases`s Argument
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What should I do? I think I just did everything that I could to actually please them, I even became stupid enough, well, but why are those happening to me? Why do they get more and more distant? Uhmm, I know I was a bit of stubborn but I am doing my very best just to do whatever it takes to be with them or what makes them happy though it's a complete disadvantage at my side. My parents had this oh so perfect little sister of mine that I do not literally hate, hmm, you can say that I hate her but not up to the point that I despise her,m I still love her, I envy her, I get jealous! Why? Because she had almost everything that I wanted in this oh so unperfect world that I existed, why do I get to suffer? I don't want to. She's always the most intelligent, beautiful, the kindest and everything that you could ever describe, well, not to actually put myself high up, I'm really close to her, or maybe I just got higher, I'm more of what she actually is but I don't know why she's still the apple of the eye of everyone? What does she actually have that I don't? I'm the oh so kind person that would be stupid enough to do whatever pleases you even if I'm at a complete disadvantage! I'm really intelligent as well but she gets everything in just a snap, not learning but everyone's attention I mean. Why? I want it as well..

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Time started: 1066 days 1 hour 13 min.
Tags: Relationship with Family and Friends
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justicekat   65 days 13 hours 20 min. ago
the green eyed monster... dont be envious... everyone is special, have you thought about some traits about yourself that your sibling doesn't have? i dont know what age you are, but sit down and think really hard of all the positive things about yourself, WRITE them down... i am not sure if you are just the wallflower and your sibling is more outgoing and thats why she gets the attention? try to let your good traits shine and when you are thinking of fun things to do and taking the focus off your sibling, good things will come your way, i know it

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