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Tom Cruise
Justicekat Exitheuxa: I think Tom Cruise is a good actor, but he's clearly a completely insane loser in real life. Can I still like his movies?

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January 08, 2018 19:55
The Wall

Skyblueblue`s Argument
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In this very afternoon, we are discussing on : should we cochlear implant a child with multiple disability. He opposes this as he thinks that the child will not go anywhere. However, as the parents are willing to pay for it, we would light the child to have this device to at least help her with her hearing.

Everyone have a right to hear(for those who are deaf). This particular doctor said that, if that is the case, all those cochlear implant companies should give their products out for free.

if this is the case, who is going to support the technical and clinical fees for the invention? and is this a correct mindset.

I think this is a very irresponsible statement. He thought that those company are making big money and all the sayings are only slogans.

Everybody has a part to play. We are doing it for the welfare of those children.

I am particularly angry with the Dr. I would like to say in his face that:"Everyone has a right to receive proper medical treatment, why don't you give it for free and to everyone. Don't receive any wages from any party please. As this is their right"

Justicekat`s Argument
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i actually believe healthcare should cover all necessities, whether its glasses, hearing aids, Rx, etc... Europe has high taxes but you get a lot more holidays, medical coverage and daycare etc, fully covered... NO ONE should have to suffer for any health issue (whether pain or lack of medicine/treatment), and provisions should definitely start with the young and the old

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Category Health & Medicine
Case was closed on January 08, 2018 20:05
Tags: welfare, human rights
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