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Mom vs. Me
Fuckthisshit THEscrewup: Past issues sworn to be forgotten. Now they are suddenly being remembered.

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February 04, 2018 16:05
JBM2015`s Argument

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I understand that we are not in a relationship and that he can sleep with whomever he likes. I do not, however, appreciate you disrespecting me (twice now) on social media. When I posted a picture of the three of us at our son's first birthday, you posted "The moment you laugh when people want their life to be more than what it is...on Facebook". That got you blocked from seeing anything about me or our son. Please be advised, Sweetie, that you are just a toy to him. You always have been and will never be anything more because of your 10 y.o. daughter. For the record, I would never mess with a man who talked that way about my child. If you feel the need to throw stones in my direction to make you feel like you have a chance in Hell with him, be my guest. He may not be my husband or boyfriend but he is my best friend and the father to my son. So next time you want to tag me #JBM #sillyrabbittricksareforkids remember being #Justin's Baby Momma is more than you will ever be to him.

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Case was closed on November 28, 2016 19:20
Tags: cheating, baby momma, baby daddy, women
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Ozymandias   954 days 18 hours 17 min. ago
If he is a good father, then he needs to act like it and be more respectful to you, even if he isn't your husband. Sounds to me like you may have made some mistakes, or this is a result of a breakup/divorce. Either way you shouldn't take this from his beneficial friend or whatever. It all depends on who's house he is living in. If he is living in your house, then you need to talk to him about controlling her attitude. If not, then I'd advise violence or scheming against this girl.

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