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Ozymandias`s Argument

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Recently I got out of a year-long state of depression and found someone to spend my time with (a girlfriend). My mom sends me a text that i feel is uncalled for because there was no warning. The text reads: "Get FUCKING home NOW!!!" verbatim. I had spent the better half of the day at my girlfriend's house, and upon reading this text, ran home faster than my girlfriend's mom would have given me a ride.
My mom is apparently pissed about me not contributing to help her with her dog. I say "her dog" because it is not mine, I didn't want a dog, it sleeps with her, and loves her like she is her mother, like a dog does to it's master. She now tells me that I have to train the dog (or attempt to) basic commands, using the Internet. She also tells me that I have to give her walks every morning when i wake up. I am all for doing chores to help out, but all I see is her using some bullshit excuse to get me to take the responsibility of wearing out an otherwise wired dog. My mom and I always fight. She is lazy and sometimes slobbish, but otherwise is an innocent, good-hearted person. I am much wiser than my age would suggest, and everyone who talks to me about that kind of things agrees.
This past month I have changed a lot. I started to open up more to my parents. Before I always kept to myself. My mom says she likes me more this way, and I understand and agree. But no matter how many times I remind her or get onto her about her selfish, slobbish ways, she never changes. Thanks!

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eviltwin   873 days 3 hours 57 min. ago
My mother is exactly the same way.

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