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The ex
BoatGuy LadiBlakHawk: Ex-girlfriend remains in my boyfriend's life by suggestive messages via social media, invitations to go on trips, and constantly calls him.

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October 29, 2017 04:36
Ggoodd`s Argument
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We've known each other for what will soon be three years and when we both met, we both felt like we just HAD to be friends, the feeling is big, but so is the feeling that actually being good friends is completely hopeless. I'm crazy sentimental and blunt and he's barely sentimental and the total opposite of blunt. I'm mostly in the moment, even when I'm obsessing over a month ago. But he's always in the future or past. The moment is not even in consideration. He tries very hard to look cool and I try very hard to look surprising or blow peoples minds.
And to top it off I don't even know if he cares about the relationship anymore. We texted everyday for a year then he responded less and less, then he went to college and started texting me at most five times a day unless he was inadvertently telling me I text too much. My friend had his lunch last year and tried to convince me our friendship matters but of all the many things they talked about I was never mentioned once. And since he left for college he decided to never return which really sucks and keeps asking me why I bother texting someone who never coming back (obviously because we're friends, he should known that answer). The other friend(a gemini) gets texted by him all the time still and it drives me nuts because I actually care a lot about our friendship, but it's like none of it matters to him anymore and I've never done anything to him.

I just want to is me, him, or the astrology?

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Tags: Astrology, Stereotypes, Texting, Friendship, Gemini, Virgo
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