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Am I overreacting?

Eviltwin Glitterystargaze: I feel my husband has been neglecting being intimate with me.

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November 28, 2016 19:20
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Eviltwin`s Argument
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Mother is glamorous and entitled, which is fine, but I don't need her demanding that I pay for extra things for my wedding.

My fiancé and I wanted a simple wedding, a few family members and close friends. Mom decided she wanted to invite her friends, decide on the centerpieces, music, and everything else. My fiancé and I have a very limited budget, so we can't afford to pay $1000 for a DJ, $500 for hair/makeup stylists for everyone, and so forth.

My fiancé and I are paying for this wedding on our own, so it isn't right that she's trying to make me pay for things that I didn't want in my wedding.

I confronted her about not listening to what I have to say, but she yelled at me. She told me that I was being ungrateful for her help, then she insulted me and my fiancé. I'm tired of her playing the victim and always yelling at me for no reason. I'm beginning to hate her.

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Time started: 873 days 4 hours 41 min.
Tags: mother, wedding, family, money
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Tigs88   352 days 3 hours 47 min. ago
Its your wedding, she has no say in the matter.

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