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Dump her?
Argue this Case Juliecando: I am jealous of my childhood friend who's had everything easy her whole life. I've supported her emotionally for 35 years and I feel it's one sided.

Posted to the Wall on
February 20, 2018 21:56
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Sedona2015`s Argument

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Well... I'm not a great guy or anything. I'm currently unemployed making a living off of my art. It pays the bills which is hard to do in my line of work. My wife doesn't work at all so we spend nearly the entirety of every day together. I'm enjoy our time together. She is my best friend though sometimes it feels like I'm in the friend zone.

She has been going through a lot recently. She has a chronic illness that makes eating and being away from bathrooms difficult. I was fired from my job three months ago so I told her I would move wherever she wanted for a while. We moved to be close to her sister and family. She got surgery and I feel like I was supportive. I go to the gym with her. I take her out to eat whenever she wants though that is always an emotional roller coaster.

A few times in this past month I have gone out for some time to myself. Not working and being around her all the time can sometimes feel stressful. Plus the fact that while I love her we have no sex life because of the illness. I couldn't have spent more than 8 hours by myself a week in the past two months. If I don't answer the phone while I'm out she will keep calling and she feels hurt that I would choose to spend time without her.

Last night I went to play volleyball and naturally she didn't go. Afterwards the family that invited us went to a restaruant and I went too. I thought of calling my wife but didn't. This hurt her feelings a lot and now it feels like the anger storm is going to settle in for a few days. She was home doing laundry and I should have included her in the restaraunt thing.

But recently I don't know whether she wants to be on a diet or eat out. We haven't had a social life in years because she doesn't really like people. I know I was inconsiderate but I feel like there is a widening gap between us and I don't feel like she understands that this is hard for me too. Am I being selfish? Am I really as bad a husband as it seems? Why do I always feel guilty? Than

Juliecando`s Argument
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She needs counseling and so do you, separate. She is fragile and has too many feeling and emotions and you can't be the receiving blanket and the scapegoat. The fact that she's not actively participating in making your marriage better is a sign. You are trying but maybe not giving what she needs. Both of you need counseling, nobody is bad, just confused on how to help yourselves. Actually you are both really great people! You love and support each other, now you have to fine tune it, so it can enrich you both.

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