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Randomstranger`s Argument
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Here is my thought: I have a friend in school that likes to take down others! Especially me because she likes it (my guess and my feeling) First of all when I'm speaking to someone in my class about for example my culture/homecountry she will suddenly butts in (even though we weren't talking to her) and she says:"MY HOMETOWN/CULTURE IS LIKE THIS AND THAT ETC." it just annoys me and when somebody wants to add some thought in that conversation she will speak louder withot so much considering that persons thought... then I just stare at her after that because who does that? When someones wants to add something a LITTLE BIT OF INFO ABOUT HER/HIMSELF LET HER PLEASE ADD AND FUCKING STOP TO OVERTUNE HER/HIM!! And second she doesn't answer any of my messages.. one time I got so sick that I can't go for a week in school and I wrote her an sms asking what chapter have done etc. She doesn't answer me/reply to me. Like is it hard to tell the chapters/materials? No! It's not and considered unsympathetic! Then after a few months we got a new student and that student didn't have the same subjects as we only few. So she got close to this and always sits next to her whenever we have class with this student but in every other subject that the student is not there she sits with me. How plastic can you be? So you throw me away if I don't have a use for you? That's unfair! I just wanted you guys read my situation and please tell me how I can solve this! (Ignoring her is out of question beacuse we are in the same group for our thesis)

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Case was closed on November 28, 2016 19:20
Tags: friendship, plastic, pretender, classmate, school
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