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AnekiEri`s Argument
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I am so fed up with the fact that I have to fight for my partners attention. It is not fair or right that he immediately takes his laptop into the bathroom and then I don't see him for an hour and a half. Sometimes more! I feel used and cheated on, and he is ABSOLUTELY NOT willing to just answer the question, nor allow me access to his cellphone.. He has gone through my phone before and he has found nothing. I on the other hand have found several things to back my case up!

I am miserable and so tired of feeling lied to. He tells me that either I just accept whats happening, or I can leave. (Mind you I am very very far away from my home state and I love this man with all my heart but goddamnit if it doesn't hurt to have someone be so intellectually dishonest!)

Whenever I walk into a room that he is in, he shuts all his tabs down like he was doing something he shouldn't of? Why else would you fucking tab out of a conversation or a window?!!

I'm fed up and heartbroken

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Time started: 820 days 3 hours 24 min.
Tags: boyfriend, upset, tired, fed up, annoyed, heartbroken, lying
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LostHawaiianGirl   442 days 4 hours 12 min. ago
I feel your pain. I'm thousands of miles away from my home country. His behavior sounds super shady and he is shutting you out. It also doesn't seem fair he can check your phone, but you're never allowed to see his activities. If I never got a straight answer or had doors slammed in my face so he could hide his chats.. I'm pretty sure I would pack my bags and leave. It's just finding the strength to go. Your life isn't over, find a partner that is open and willing to share his life with you.

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