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Closed Case
Fire: Women First?
Shopgirl Shopgirl: its called being a gentlemen, ladies first, ALWAYS!

Case Closed on
September 08, 2007 13:14
Closed Case
Which Cop Is Dummer?
Darknesswillfindyou: The pot brownie eating cop is clearly an IDIOT. But, i really think that the cop who shot himself in the foot with his Glock is way dumber!

Case Closed on
October 26, 2007 05:40
Closed Case
Ultimate Fighting is an Ultimate Disaster
TheWrangler: Ultimate Fighting is as real a sport as any other

Case Closed on
August 10, 2007 14:51
Closed Case
Barry Bonds and the hr* title

Dagman Dagman: Why barry bonds deserves credit for the title...

Case Closed on
August 09, 2007 02:43
Closed Case
Names and their meanings
Chigurh Chigurh: Of course names and their meanings makes sense. The whole point of names is to have names and their meanings correlate

Case Closed on
September 15, 2007 06:08
The Wall

friends in marriage
    Hmnic: I am not so sure about my husband being friends with a woman he used to date. She is needy and has no friends.

Time remaining
June 01, 2017 00:47
Bye bye PS4
    Theempress55445: Whatever my husband does to me or the kids, I'm doing it right back to him.

Time remaining
June 02, 2017 11:25
Thanksgiving Craziness
Murphy Dingleberry: My family ate the dinner that I prepared without me!

Time remaining
June 09, 2017 09:38
Dagman`s Argument

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It is going to be hard thing to except, but to give my arguement a chance, you have to remove the celebrity aura surrounding this average looking girl.

To start , look at the pictures of her attached below. Pay particular attention to the comparisons of what she looked like a few years ago, before she dramatically changed her natural image (ie where have all the freckles gone?) Compare her pictures with a few actual good looking women that I found searching the internet for 2 minutes. Here is a good example. Out of my high school class of 100 (about 50 girls), I can think of 8 girls who are clearly better looking. Assuming I had a representative sample that would mean that almost 20% of the female population looks better than her. Still not convinced? Take a walk down any busy street in Manhattan. It will take about 1 second for you to find a handful of better looking women. Also, just watch the videos and hopefully her internal ugliness and lack of talent will sway your vote

Chigurh`s Argument
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Let me preface this by saying that I don't think Lindsay Loahn is cool, smart, a good singer, a good dancer or a good actress. I am purely talking about looks here, and as far as looks go, she is a stone cold fox. If anyone saw her in person I guarantee that they would trip, drool or bite their thumb. Shes hot, theres no two ways about it. You could make a case that she has a different look, as far as the freckles go and what not, but that doesnt mean she is not hot. Take a look at some of my pictures and evidence below to better prove my point about her babeness.

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Category Celebrity Pop Culture
Case was closed on October 26, 2007 05:52
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REALLYMAD   3504 days 17 hours 20 min. ago
Turned you down, did she?
corgipup   3507 days 10 hours 58 min. ago
her looks are quite pedestrian/ordinary.
shopgirl   3579 days 6 hours 34 min. ago
i think lindsay is a mess, she had good looks at one time, but drug arrests and sloppyess have made her dirty and gross
DontWorryAboutMe   3581 days 2 hours 44 min. ago
Dagman's right on this one. She's a strung out mess. She's not even a good actress and her voice is terrible. Did I miss a few years or something, I haven't even heard of any significant movie that she was in. Can we fire her from being a celebrity? Is that possible?
ClanceDance   3593 days 19 hours 22 min. ago
Have you seen SNL when she hosted? nuff said. Hottie. But only when shes not all skinny and in jail/rehab
leftwing7   3595 days 6 hours 26 min. ago
lindsay lohan is "a stone cold fox", best line ever, i agree, she is quite hot

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