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CokeAndKisses`s Argument

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So my best friend found out I would self harm and made me promise to stop. But with these things you can never promise something like that. So about 2 months later she found out I never did stop. She then pretty much gave it away to two other girls about what I did. Then she tells the teachers at my school. Who then have to tell my parents. So shit went down when they called my mother and the next day at school she asked me how it went. I only told her part of what happened as the last time I told her everything she went to tell the teachers. I then decide to open up to her and tell her something else happened. She then thinks that I lied before and never let me finish when I tried to say that what I said before did happen but that wasn't all that happens

After she blew me off, she told a bunch of people which made me really upset as I trusted her yet she ended up betraying me. Yet now she is pissed that I supposedly lied to her when she was the one who betrayed me trust. This girl thinks I betrayed her but I'm not the only one at fault. What does she do? She tells the teachers about my biggest secret, gives it away to my entire class and then acts like I don't exist.

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Case was closed on November 28, 2016 19:20
Tags: Best friend, depression
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