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I really need friends
Argue this Case Secret: My friends do the most baddest things and I'm more of the innocent one

Posted to the Wall on
February 20, 2018 22:13
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She's annoying. She thinks that we're bff but I don't want to be. She trusts me with her life but I can't trust her. I feel like a fake friend and it pisses me off that I am. But honestly! All she does is talk about her. She asks me how I feel now and then but last year at her birthday, she had a crush on my cousin and wouldn't SHUT UP ABOUT HIM. It was so annoying but she also never invites me to where she goes, she never wants to do something that I want to do and SHE'S the one who calls me lazy. It's your fault for not coming with me to do things. I really need a friend.

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Tags: Best friend
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justicekat   61 days 9 hours 2 min. ago
why are you BFFs if you dont like her? dont be... and if you continue then try to find things you like about her, and perhaps suggest some fun things to do together... if she doesnt like to do anything you like , i would just find a new friend you have more in common with :-)

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