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Sammysquids7`s Argument
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Firstly, some background. Here we are, a little group of friends: J, Z and myself. Then J continually gossips, puts other people down, and when confronted, you always seem to be in the wrong. After taking years of this "being the bigger person", I decided enough was enough. Z and I both decided to cut ties with her, and all was fine and dandy.

For a while, anyway.

Z started avoiding me. For no reason, other than "I have to go talk with friend E it's really important." Every day. Nonetheless, I respected her other relationships and kept my distance. After 4-5 times using the exact same excuse, I grew suspicious. I watched her at a distance (it was way less stalker-ish than it sounds wow) and saw her talking with J instead.

Avoiding me, the one who had stayed up well into the night consoling her about something J said.

The worst part? Nobody seems to see her like I do. Nobody sees the gossiping, manipulative, backstabbing person I've tolerated for years. She does these things to her closest friends, and still keeps her friends like she never did a thing. I sacrifice my time and energy (not to mention valuable sleep) and I'm the one ending up alone!

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Tags: backstabbed, friends, partly venting
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