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Mom vs. Me
    Wifey210: I want my husband to take a job that pays less money to be on the same shift as me while both of us going to school.

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February 05, 2018 18:56
Ultemotions`s Argument
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I was so happy with him and all senior year but talking with him over the phone and being together was a stage of no dialogues; only a few conversations.

My close friend, a person every1 loves to be around is very optimistic, charismatic, humble, & every1 who looks up to as a role model shares similar hobbies w my bf, humorous jokes from YT videos, and personal lives. They say to everyone "they feel like bro and sis" and understand each other even while upset or depressed. They shared things to each other and not to me or other close friends. We'll name her owule.

Looking at her senior year while being friendly intimate with my bf, she's falling for a self centered guy, Osir, who can manipulate you to like him or twist words whenever he looks like a bad guy in someone's story. No one likes this guy or looks up to him because he can say things to put you under the bus anytime. A good looking guy who's intelligent but isn't caring for others unless there's an "exchange". He shares humorous knowledge w/ her too.

I've worried about myself and thought everything was in place along with fun times during senior year.
This story is to give background on my thoughts. I can't stop thinking about my bf's mind: if he's wondering about her, wanting another good laugh from her, if he would've lived a better and happier life w her. Because twice he did make out with her (no sex) and lied to me for a whole week of being w his guy friends.
Then prom came, owule went w the guy she liked but had to ask him out. I'm having the time of my life NOT knowing what's happened. My bf thought of nothing but her being w him during prom.
After few days of prom, all 4 of us came together on a night in her basement. To sum it up, it came to a point where Osir was convincing me to allow a dare between my bf & her to take a jellybean off her tongue. Nonstop irregular dares throughout the night and I went berserk.
Long story short, I'm told everything in mourn. Osir manipulates me to int

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Ultemotions   601 days 9 hours 43 min. ago
Ever since that happened with her. He thinks I'm wrong for having intercourse with osir, but no feelings crossed. I can't stop thinking about the past during prom season. This crosses my mind and I get upset thinking about my senior year. My friendship fell apart from this and she's taking a year to isolate herself from everyone. Everyone takes her side. I stay happy everyday but my mind is bottled with this as I'm going to college, work, and with him. Who's wrong and what should I do? Stay until the time comes or leave and be free from these thoughts?

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