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Rlawson`s Argument

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A close friend needed a place to stay after getting released from the hospital for suicidal intentions, and my mom and I took on the responsibility of keeping him safe. This is day 1. He has now been in his room (guest room) skyping his also emotionally challenged girlfriend. It started out with crying and arguing and I tried to get him to stop early so he wouldn't trigger himself again. He told me I couldn't come in and it has been an hour. They aren't arguing anymore, just talking - again when I knocked I got no response. I Facebook messaged him and he read my requests to talk with him and how not answering the door is concerning, and then he sent no reply. Eventually after a few more irritated messages to him on my part he said, "okay". ERRG! Am I blowing this out of proportion or is this ANNOYING?

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Category Friendship
Case was closed on November 28, 2016 19:20
Tags: friends, house guest, annoying
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