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Hales101`s Argument
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First of all, there's 4 girls and one guy in this group not including me. In the beginning, four months ago I was still in the group and I lost someone dear to me because of suicide and it was a long distance relationship and I couldn't grasp he's gone now. So, I blew at them through a group chat they added me to when his mom texted me, I didn't know what to do, I couldn't take it anymore. So, after that we began to argue with each other and I even blow at people that I don't mean to get mad at. Then, a month ago, my "friend" touched me in ways I didn't want to be touched at school for crying out loud (that happened two times while the guy had a girlfriend.) Also the girlfriend is apart of this group, so I told the girlfriend what happened because I thought she should know but then I told the teachers also because I thought he should get punished and the administrators just intarigated me and yelled at me. I didn't deserve that. Also, the group thought it was cheating, I don't know how but then, they cyber bullied me on text messaging. Like, they added me to their group chat and said a lot of nasty stuff on there to me but I left when I could, but then they added me back into it and then I stop it leave me alone but they kept on doing when I wanted to leave so I finally left the conversation and they didn't message me at all after that. I believe this all happened because of my medicine because my parents are changing my meds around right now but yea that's the gist.

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