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The Wall

Duran`s Argument
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So a sgt came in and asked to borrow our lamp for his inspection really quick. It would be like 10min. And then he would give it back to us. Once he left I said out loud, "I don't want to pay for that." My roommate looked at me as if I was stupid or had a second head popping out of my ass or something. The said, "You won't have too, what would make you have too? Who told you that?" Then I try to explain by saying, "If he doesn't give it back we have to pay for it because we signed it is our responsibility not his." An then she proceeded to jump down my throat buy saying, " well you obviously didn't hear or pay attention to him saying it was just for a minute. So no we would pay nothing." And I just let it go from there because she was still talking in that tone like I knew nothing and said everything in the most condescending way.

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Time started: 585 days 11 hours 52 min.
Tags: Roommates
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