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Can't Really Understand Old People
Argue this Case XxCatalinaLengdonxx: My three grandmas are seriously crossing the line! They've been bad-mouthing me about how I don't care about my parents since they are not yet home.

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November 19, 2017 19:16
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I am the Class Valedictorian of my school and I am happy about it. But my classmate, the Salutatorian, told me that I am not worthy of getting that title and then, suddenly, the next day, there has been a nasty case of Angry Parents of this said classmate. I was taken aback because, I didn't do anything wrong to them. I even helped him in his studies sometimes! Come to think of it, I am more active in school activities than him and I have higher grades too (I am not the one saying this but my teachers. Don't worry, my ego is not high). Now, I don't know if I am wrong, and is not really the Valedictorian...

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Case was closed on November 28, 2016 19:20
Tags: Angry Classmates, angry parents of classmates, school life
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