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Dads Wife is Vile
    Tigs88: My dads wife left a note which was quite hurtful. This note annoyed me to the point of being that angry I vomited after seeing it. I stood up

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March 23, 2017 18:12
Me vs. her Sister
    JBroken: I can't support their dominance over her.

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March 31, 2017 04:47
Stuck in the Middle
    Kalnise: I wake up to an argument that one friend has taken way out of proportion,

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March 31, 2017 13:34
Gabsalot`s Argument
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In 3rd session with new psychologist. I'm upset & crying. Look up e he's ASLEEP. I get angry & have to yell to wake him He says I'm not "engaging" him. I'm lucky I didn't inflict grave bodily injury. This has affected me very badly emotionally & have cried daily since.

Friend, also landlord, & I in car. She knows how this event has affected me. When at psyche's, crying because I felt \because people don't listen to me & feelings invalidated. We start semi serious talk & I begin sharing sensitive personal info. She makes a couple of comments totally unrelated to make it seem like she's listening & then picks up cell to make appt to have eyebrows waxed. I begin to cry & tell her that this really reinforces what I'd been upset about in the psych's office, and she says she's under no obligation to listen to me. Argument worsens when she goes to answer cell from her dashboard & begins swerving. I'm already mad, tell her to f-ing keep her eyes on road, I don't want to die, and I'll tell her husband about her & the cell phone if she doesn't stop. She says do that & I'll evict you.

Every day for last month she comes over to tell me of drama with her husband. I listen attentively. I tell her I show her I care by listening & showing her respect & that that's all I'm asking for, to which she says she doesn't have to listen to anything I say.

Only share sensitive info in therapy (and that sucked). Hardly share personal stuff with anyone. But I did and this is what happened.

Threatening eviction & me saying I'm telling her husband about her driving & cell use not comparable. If I ever said anything. her husband would be maybe mad. If evicted because of that she maliciously screwing with my welfare. Says I'm mean spirited because of what I said. I say no, it's about safety, not dying & if she's going to do that, do it when I'm not in car. I say it's about fear & concern. Wondering if she's been hiding a very mean streak. I'm concerned for my welfare.

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Tags: Emotions, attentiveness, respect, psychology
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