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Mom vs. Me
Fuckthisshit THEscrewup: Past issues sworn to be forgotten. Now they are suddenly being remembered.

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February 04, 2018 16:05
    Wifey210: I want my husband to take a job that pays less money to be on the same shift as me while both of us going to school.

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February 05, 2018 18:56
Nofoosaucetit`s Argument

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My boyfriend and I are fresh out of high school and I asked to move in with him and his mom until we could find our place of our own. His mom said that was fine as long as I paid rent. I pay the rent, clean up after myself and am not a loud person. She no longer has a car since she can't afford one so starting taking mine without asking because she felt entitled to. She ended up running into someone else's car so the bumper fell off and the insurance went up and since it was her fault my insurance company is saying she or I must pay for the damages. She feels no remorse and is trying to say someone from behind rammed into her making her ram into the person ahead. She wakes us up every morning at 6am with her loud violent movies in the living room which is right next to our room. We have complained about it but she doesn't care and says she can do whatever she wants. When little things go wrong like her toilet got clogged up she will throw huge tantrums for hours and scream at the top of her lungs, "I'm going to kill you" at us even though we don't use her bathroom and have our own. She offered to pay my rent this month since she messed up on something and then she started bitching a week later about how she wants my boyfriend and me out because she can't pay my rent this month when all she had to do was say she took back what she said and ask me to pay it. There was no need for her to wake us up yelling and threaten to kick us out. We finally found an apartment we could afford. I said we would be moving soon and his mom flipped out and said we wouldn't make it in our own and then called her mom bitching about us saying now that we are leaving she will be homeless since she can't afford a 2 bedroom apartment anymore. My bfs grandma said I could use her as a reference for a job not that long ago but sent me a nasty text message saying that she told my almost boss that I am a terrible person .

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