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Ilaicash`s Argument
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I am usually the one who cooks in our household, that is ok, I enjoy it. Sometimes I leave warm meals on the skillet, pot, oven, whatever I used to make dinner, for my partner to eat. However, I've asked her nicely if she could clean the pot, or skillet after she is done with her meal, she doesn't. She just leaves the pot dirty and crusty. To a point I just come home and clean the pots, I just soaked them in water, however I have asked her to please clean the skillet as the skillet is an iron one and can not be soaked in water, and she doesn't. This morning I found the skillet dirty and covered in crusty roasted potatoes. I asked her again if she could please clean it and she immediately starting attacking me by saying that I play video games all day. Is true that I am a vivid video gamer, but I am far from neglecting my chores and responsibilities because of it. At most I play, 3 to 5 hours a week, how is that different from watching tv, which she does every night. Its horrible to listen to your partner attack something you enjoy doing.

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