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PiedraDeFuego`s Argument
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My grandmother respects zero boundaries. She got angry when my uncle, her son, change his locks because she MADE KEYS TO HIS HOUSE AND ENTERED WHENEVER SHE WANTED TO.
She has now gone through all of my drawers and my closet, and organized my things of her own volition.
I'm 90% sure she threw away anything SHE considered trash, or stole some of my nicer things, or broke stuff. She has no respect for what other people want.

I also had some nice, valuable rock specimens in my closet from my now-deceased OTHER grandmother. No doubt she broke some of those or stole some. She takes anything she likes if she thinks nobody will miss it. We've caught her several times.

I'm so hurt and angry. I don't know how she could do something like this.

Before she came I suggested locking my closet door because I KNEW she would at least snoop. But my family said that wasn't necessary and I foolishly listened to them.

Now I'm probably screwed out of several things I care about, and I still have to confront her about it.

How do I get through to someone who has no empathy?

How do /I/ empathize with her?!

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Time started: 459 days 3 hours 23 min.
Tags: family, grandmother, anger, privacy, violated, thief, rude
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