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Spyderlotus  Spyderlotus: Spouse overracts due to lag

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December 22, 2016 10:20
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December 16, 2017 13:52
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1st things first, this car gets 12mpg and he yells at me if i drive it more than 3 times in a week. It was MY idea to get it, its MY dream car, its under MY name, and he doesnt know the first thing about it that makes this car special besides the fact that when he mashes the throttle it goes faster than his Range Rover. Ok, now that thats out of the way...

He decided to go out for breakfast with his friends this morning. I told him i wanted to save money and i had to go to the pet store for our dog anyway. So he left and as i was in the shower i decided i should detail my dream car that i just got a month ago. Ill use the quick detailer for the body, the rim cleaner, and throw some tire shine on before i go to the pet store so i can walk out of there and see my shiny dream car in the parking lot.
I genuinely got excited over this. Its relaxing to me when i spend time on my cars making them look good. So i gather my cleaning supplies and go to grab the key and its not where i thought i left it. After a quick glace around i call him and ask him if he took that car. He said noooooo and hung up. I look more and get frustrated and call him again asking if he saw the key and thats when he said he took it.
I raised my voice saying he should have told me he was taking it because i just wasted my time getting excited about detailing the car, finding everything i needed, and getting excited about taking it to the pet store.
He hung up and texted me saying to stfu.
I made my point by saying just tell me next time, thats all i ask and he responded by saying to shut up im being annoying.
I thought he took his range rover like he normally does.

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Case was closed on December 22, 2016 10:45
Tags: Car, marriage, communication
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